The Big Reveal


In my last post oh so long ago, I mentioned my big dream, hinting that it had everything to do with Creativity + Relationship = Healing. Today a couple friends joined me in a trial run of my new art journaling workshop series which is nameless at this point.

The workshop will not only teach art journaling techniques, building and expanding as we go, but will also reinforce the skills taught in Basic Thrive Skills: Mastering Joy and Rest by Chris and Jennifer Coursey. Combining the art journaling and the skills as a workshop will:

  • allow a syncing of the right and left brain through visual storytelling
  • facilitate the building of joyful, life-giving relationships through authentic fellowship
  • reinforce the skills needed to recover from things that go wrong, so we don’t get “stuck”
  • encourage exploration to find our true, unique selves, the individuals that God created us to be. “Through our hearts we come to know ourselves as God sees us and to know God as well.”
  • allow time to explore many of the techniques and mediums available to art journaling

Today the focus was on Joy and Appreciation. First layering on acrylic paint, we then added a picture that brought feelings of joy. Adding some ephemera and journaling, our pages were complete. My favorite part was sharing the joy stories attached to our pictures and pages.

To add to the excitement of planning the workshop, I’ve been learning so much with Jennifer Lee’s Right-Brainers in Business Video Summit.

The video summit has been so informative and energetic. By participating, I feel I’m joining a tribe of other creative entrepreneurs. It has also been an inspiring addition to Jennifer’s newly released book, The Right-Brain Business Plan.


amanda ∞


2 thoughts on “The Big Reveal

  1. Julie says:

    A lovely tribute to your Grandma. The desire to be the sparkle in someone’s eye is still a powerful, motivating life force and I am way older than 2!

  2. violette says:

    Hello there! So nice to meet you! I enjoyed the RBBP video Summit too!
    Btw – i love your juornal pages…… awesome!

    Love, Violette

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