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the big draw day 5

Why was drawing the hand easier than the camera?

I had fun with the hand today, adding it to my sermon notes at church:

And some more sermon notes from last week:

I’ve been having fun tweeking my art blog. For those of you interested in the differences I’ve found between how Blogger functions as compared to WordPress, here is what I’ve experienced so far:

  • Blogger has MUCH fewer templates to choose from, but there is MUCH more freedom to adjust the templates to the blogger’s tastes.
  • WordPress has LOTS of very fun and professional looking templates available that can be adjusted somewhat.
  • WordPress has great perks like Blog Stats galore, and a view of comments I have made on other wordpress blogs and the responses that follow.
  • Blogger has made it extremely simply to add items on the sidebar, and to move the order of those items.
  • Blogger also allows a greater range of widgets and moving gadgets to be added to the sidebar.
  • Blogger has some fun options for Blogroll, like listing the times of the latest postings from the blogs on my Blogroll.
  • Adding favorite blogs to my Blogroll was extremely easy.
  • There is also the Follow option which views blogs I choose to follow in a Feed Reader type of format, but lists them in chronological order as my favorite bloggers post new entries. I also have the option to view these same blogs on Google Reader with the click of a button if I prefer that format.
  • WordPress has the wonderful Page option, so I can have tabs for pages at the top of my blog, more like a website.
  • WordPress allows viewing of all comments received on one page, making it easy to respond directly to the commenter.
  • Another great WordPress statistic is the list of Search Engine Terms. This can be quite entertaining.

Overall I have found Blogger to be much more user-friendly and -fun, and WordPress to be much more informational and professional. I am very comfortable with WordPress and can navigate easily, but it did take me much more time to set up and tweek than it did with Blogger. I’ve never had a problem with WordPress and have heard stories of difficulties with Blogger, so time will be the real test. I think in the end it will come down to personal preference, no real winner.

amanda ∞

5 Comments on “the big draw day 5”

  1. Nice work! Thanks also for disecting Blogger and WordPress. I use Blogger (easier) but prefer the layout/look of WordPress…. I guess i need to spend more time at it!

  2. I’m a Blogger Blogger, and find it helpful especially the latest feature that tells me when people last posted on their blogs. It helps me keep up with more people and I don’t have to go over my entire list opening blogs that have not changed in a day or so.

    Your hand drawing is very good as is the look of the journal as a whole! Camera is fine too. good work.

  3. Amanda,

    When I decided to have on blog separate from HSB, I used blogger first. But, I found I couldn’t keep up with two blogs. And, I found my sidebar on blogger got “cluttered” when I tried to combine information from HSB and blogger. I liked that on wordpress I had the option to have tabbed pages to keep those items that would be a side bar link up front ~ Besides that I like being able to follow comment threads on wordpress.

    But, you are right there are pros and cons to both sites ~

  4. both camera and hand well done. Camera has straight machine made lines. Hand, nature made. Are your sermon notes made to give a sermon or notes on a sermon you are listening to?

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