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the big draw day 1 & 2

Day 1

Day 2

So I’ll probably be posting most of my drawings a day late for The Big Draw 2008, unless I happen to have one of those unusually quiet days, a rare gem.

Another fun project I completed today was this:

I had been working on this cross stitch project for much too long. Once I began adorning the mat board, I just had the most fun. The images are taken from Willy Woo-Woo, a book my first grade teacher, Mrs. Skubal, gave me. (Yes, that would make it vintage.)

The finished size is 13X17 in. I used an antique frame and must give huge thanks to my husband for cutting the mat board and fetching the glass for me. He also helped me to secure the backside. Seriously folks, my man has amazing skills.

amanda ∞

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  1. I love it! I used to cross-stich all the time, but haven’t done it in years. My best friend taught me how to do it in middle school and that was the beginning of my crafty journey. Great job on the mat too. Very original!

    Thanks, Lisa. I used to cross stitch quite a bit, but have found this little project to be so difficult to finish. My mind was on other art forms at the time. It may be my last go.

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