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The Art of Relationships

We just had a wonderful visit from my mom and niece. We are all now exhausted and a bit sad since their departure early this morning.

Some people just make it easy to have close relationships with. My mom would be one of those. She is always putting the other person before herself. Her thoughtfulness makes it easy to be her friend. Once again she is a great example for me to follow.

She has shown me the art of relationships. Christ first showed her. He is the perfect example of one always having the other person in mind with all He said and did. This either drew people close to him, or repelled them. Interesting.

I think the reason some are repelled by this thoughtfulness in developing close relationships is because they would actually have to be thoughtful back. Relationships can be hard work. A good relationship always involves mutual kindness. One person is not doing all the work.

I have a friend whom I love dearly. I moved 10 hours from her and no matter how many times I call or write, I do not hear back from her. This is no longer a close relationship. I will always love her. Because I know her heart, I am not offended by her lack of response, but there is a loss in our relationship because of this.

Now because of lack of sleep, my mind has lost its direction. It is now wandering aimlessely. I must end with no end but to say, I’ll be back to address this further some day.

To end with some yumminess, we ate at the Cheesecake Factory yesterday:

 My son with his chocolate, my daughter with her strawberries,  my niece with her tiramisu,  and my mom with her Original. She is an Original.

And a note to my blogworld friends: These past couple days I have started several comments and then not posted because my brain couldn’t complete a sentence. I am reading and enjoying your blogs. Love to you all.

amanda ∞

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  1. Oh… your nieces tiramisu cheesecake looks awesome! :mrgreen: This is me ~ green with envy!

    I am glad you enjoyed the visit with your mom. Isn’t it awesome sharing a Saviour with the perfect Titus2Woman? I have one of those too!!! And, yes I am honored to call her mom ~

  2. I just found your blogged linked through firmly planted. I love your thoughts on relationship. Thanks for composing them here.

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