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Tessellation Time, Come On! *think Kool & the Gang


Between all the folding done at the OrigamiUSA Convention in New York and all the painting and folding done at Encausticamp in Seattle this summer, I am so geared up for my upcoming workshop, Tessellate, at Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch’s OPENstudio in Lexington KY this Sept 14-17. I am directly followed by Erin Keane and her Beeswax Bound workshop (pure awesomeness).

I feel my whole life has been in preparation for this type of workshop, a study of patterns found in nature and in our minds, and the interpretation of the patterns on paper and panel.

alhambra tessellation

The name of my workshop is Tessellate which means to cover a plane surface by repeated use of a single shape, without gaps or overlapping. My first introduction to tessellations was of the patterns found in Islamic tile work. Many amazing origami designers have translated these geometric patterns into single paper geometric folds that astound.

Work of Joel Cooper

Work of Joel Cooper

While we will be pulling from inspiration like this, our exploration of these patterns will be more personal and the folding we try will be quite a bit simpler than that of Joel Cooper’s work. And we are going to push past the technical definition of tessellations into other patterns and forms such as spirals and even crumples.

IMG_2087 Teeny tiny tessellation IMG_4296

We will not only create patterns with paper, but we will create much of the paper we use to fold through the encaustic mono print process.

IMG_4351 IMG_3936

And we’ll unfold some papers just for inspiration or even to use as a print when we paint.

IMG_4628 IMG_3568

Because we ARE going to paint with encaustic too in further pattern exploration.

IMG_4942 IMG_4986 IMG_2164

After delving into all these areas of play, each gets to further push into what that person wants to do. We get to PLAY.

And a bonus is that much of what we do with paper will complement Erin Keane’s Beeswax Bound workshop that immediately follows mine. I’m definitely hanging around for that. Erin’s work and instruction are quite wonderful. I wouldn’t want to miss.

Patterns to ponder while we wait for September:

  • Speech
  • Habitual
  • Doodle
  • Corrugated
  • Mathematical
  • Biological
  • Fractal
  • Spatial




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