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‘You Are Not Forgotten’ Holiday Walk

This year survivors of commercial sexual exploitation with Veronica’s Voice will be walking on Christmas Day, regardless of weather, in recognition of victims still in bondage. As Christmas Elf for this event, I will be collecting funds in sponsorship of SURVIVOR Lesa Miller. Lesa’s bio: I grew up as an only child of an only

Summer Soldering Class

This summer I am doing a great deal of growing and planning. My business is unfocused. As many of you know, my heart is really aimed towards creatively worshiping my God, and sharing the creative process with others to facilitate growth and healing, introspection and thoughtfulness. The small income I do receive from my Etsy

Strathmore Visual Journals

Strathmore is introducing a new product which will be released in stores June 1, a line of Visual Journals designed for those of us who love to paint, draw, journal, collage, and otherwise freely express ourselves in journal form. These spiral bound journals are available in 3 sizes and 6 paper selections, so we finicky

Why do I do it?

I was wondering this question, why do I do it?, earlier this week. The “it” would be teaching classes from my home, but the pondering grew even larger to art in general. Wouldn’t my life just be easier if I just covered the basics of partnering in my husband’s business and homeschooling those teens of

Still Tangled in Zen

Today was zentastic. We had a blast at VERONICA’s Voice playing with Zentangles. I demonstrated some of the different zentangle patterns on a large format while the group played on some squares I cut from Bristol paper. My favorite part was seeing the unique zentangle patterns that were being developed in the group. They didn’t

My daughter, the teacher

While I was away at Artfest filling my head with creative things, my daughter became the teacher for the art journaling class at VERONICA’s Voice. She did a wonderful job leading and teaching and guiding.  Here’s the mosaic collage technique she demonstrated that day: She sketched out the tree for placement, then added the color.

Art Journal Class

Today I was teacher to a group of women that have much to express. I had the opportunity to lead an art journaling class at VERONICA’s Voice. The enthusiasm was contagious as they set to work on their journals, personalizing and claiming them as their own private place for self expression. Profound and deep thoughts,