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Tessellation Time, Come On! *think Kool & the Gang

Between all the folding done at the OrigamiUSA Convention in New York and all the painting and folding done at Encausticamp in Seattle this summer, I am so geared up for my upcoming workshop, Tessellate, at Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch’s OPENstudio in Lexington KY this Sept 14-17. I am directly followed by Erin Keane and her

When its cold, I do fold

My studio proper is a bit chilly in this below freezing weather. I find it a great excuse to spend my time folding tessellations in the warmer zones of our work/live space. The initial step in creating tessellations from paper is to fold a bazillion little creases all over the paper. Then crumple the paper up

The art of pondering

I lost it again, my focus. I lose it about every 5 minutes, too often for comfort. I blame my addiction to technology i.e. my phone. It’s like a drug. My mind wants to be distracted or entertained at all times. My friend, Kristina, just posted a great article on Facebook: Why the Modern World Is