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Summer Shift

Morning laundry load blowing in the breeze, the constant sheen on my face, meals cooked on the grill, yes, summer is here. (Don’t you love the clothespin bag? Thank you, MaryZoom, for such a gorgeous, functional bag. It brings delight to my laundry routine.) We don’t run our air conditioner unless it is really hot.

Summer Self Portrait = Meanderings While Sweating

I sit in the heat of summer with my familiar perspiration making my face glow. (If only the models would realize that sexy shine comes from SWEAT.) The windows are open this evening, fans pushing air through the house. I have come to love the heat of summer permeating the air of my home. I

Settling in

I’m used to addressing school issues at some point throughout the day. Now on day 2 of summer vacation, I am quickly settling in to meandering. I did force myself to go to the YMCA to sweat, and actually had some creative freedom in the Turbo Kick class. Our teacher encourages us to just let


‘sez: “This summer will be different,” she says, like she says at the beginning of every adult summer she’s ever lived. “I’m going to relax and not do a thing.” Then she gets out her planner and looks at the lovely blank pages, and begins to fill them in. “Hmm, I’ve got to squeeze in