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And then my heart did swoon

I’ve been playing with origami quite a bit lately. Last weekend was the Origami Play class. We made day lilies, lotus blossoms and cranes. And we all had great success! That Madeline made super tiny cranes and then later did this (her first encaustic painting): Is that not dreamy? Her first painting! And I have just

Christmas origami

This year an Artfest friend invited me to participate in a handmade Christmas ornament exchange. On first thought, a soldered ornament charm came to mind, but by the time I began the ornaments, another plan developed: Foil Origami Christmas Stars adorned with glitter. The inspiration came from a venture to my local art store combined

Art Every Day #9 – Origami Star

I love origami, but have a difficult time understanding the written instructions. Pictures are a must for me. On a lighter note, flag football season is over for my kids. The most memorable play of the season was when a guy had his shorts torn off. Someone was reaching for the flag and grabbed his tear away