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EncaustiCamp Supply List

July is just around the bend. Five more weeks until EncaustiCamp! This year I’ll be teaching Encaustic Encapsulation, a technique I developed combining wax and soldering, as featured in Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch’s latest book, Encaustic Revelation. I’ve had a few questions from students about the supply list, so thought an expanded version might be of

Make your plans for summer now!

In case you need to ask off for vacation or the like, I wanted to be sure to invite you today, right now! Join me at Art Unraveled in Phoenix AZ this summer. I’ll be teaching two of my very favorite things, how to make my waxy soldered jewelry in Encaustic Encapsulation and how to

Beeswax infused birthday

I believe there is no better way to celebrate life than by doing what one loves the best. That is why I chose to teach a class that incorporated both beeswax and soldering on my birthday. After infusing vintage ephemera with beeswax, pendants and earring were soldered, encapsulating the wax and paper. The process yields

Beeswax Infused Soldered Pendant & Earrings

Date: Sat, August 18, 2012 Time: 1-5pm Place: Hidden Art Studio, Midtown Kansas City, MO *Example: your piecess will be unique. The class will begin with experimentation in infusing beeswax with papers. Then you will solder a square pendant to practice/learn technique using the experimental papers. After a bit of practice, the papers will be


That describes class yesterday, fabulous. The Soldering Pendants: Skinnies & Baubles class focuses on using sentimental objects or interesting jewelry remnants to build a story and make a grouping of soldered pendants with the remnants. I am enthralled by watching others go through the process, observing the pieces they choose to incorporate, the stories they

Preparing to birth anew

Outwardly, I’ve had a great start to 2012. Last month, I taught another fun soldering class and have an art journaling class coming up. I’ve been reading awesome books and soldering adorable earrings. The charms are all packaged and ready to mail for the Artfest charm swap. I have a list of projects and events

Soldering on the fly

We have a couple friends that are avid fly fishermen. They make their own flies! One is a musician, one a watercolor artist, both share the same profession as my husband, Scott. So Scott noticed all the funky things I was adding to my waxy soldered pendants and went directly to their studio. While they

Retry for better

AEDM Day 28 More encaustic experimentation. The “waxed” paper was once yellowed, aging notebook paper. The heat and wax add that dreamy translucence that I love. The earrings I made the other day did not satisfy. Too heavy. I believe I love the handwriting on this paper better too. So fluid. I’m also working on