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Soldering on the fly

We have a couple friends that are avid fly fishermen. They make their own flies! One is a musician, one a watercolor artist, both share the same profession as my husband, Scott. So Scott noticed all the funky things I was adding to my waxy soldered pendants and went directly to their studio. While they

I can’t stop soldering!

AEDM Day 26 The necklaces are complete! This pendant below was made as a commission. I’ve been experimenting with “waxed” paper. The paper used here became very translucent when heated by the soldering iron. I love how the light filters through. I sold a pendant just like the nesting bird today. I say “just like”

Contradiction revisited

Since a recent assignment in The Artist’s Way, I’ve been pondering the truth behind the mantra, “Treating myself like a precious object will make me strong.” Being a student of Jesus Christ, my first reaction was that this mantra was not Biblical. The Scripture “let him deny himself” immediately came to mind. But experientially I have

Art from Worship

Yesterday I went to the International House of Prayer to soak in the excellent worship experience they have available. They have a prayer room in which worship takes place 24 hours a day and has been going nonstop since Sept. 19, 1999. The worship leader changes every 2 hours, and I just happened to go