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My Brain is a Zentangle

The Nov/Dec 2009 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors has a fun article, “Add pattern to journals with Zentangles and transfers” by Sandy Steen Bartholomew. I’ve seen many Zentangles, but the timing must have been just right because now I have Zentangle fever. I’ve been a fan of JK Bees art for some time, which is

Fighting it

It’s that time of year again for me. I’ve been arming myself in the battle against Seasonal Affective Disorder. Although I have not become depressed, I can feel it grabbing my brain and pulling in different directions. It has been difficult for me to focus and get normal activities done. I also feel myself withdrawing

Seasonal affective disorder

I was thoroughly enjoying the art every day month challenge. As I awoke each day, I’d stay alert for inspiration for that day’s art. Yet, with no reason at all, I became extremely depressed. It was not the art. It was not my husband’s insane work schedule. It was not my children’s daily antics. I