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Joy Journal Project Assignment #5

Have you ever tried your hand at quilting? Or even just admired the patterns and blocks of quilts? I particularly love vintage quilts made from fabric on-hand. Here’s a favorite of mine found at Vintage Quilt Shop on Flickr. Notice mismatched fabric in some of the blocks. Today we will be approaching our journal page as

ReThink Topeka

Tomorrow you will find me celebrating in the state capital of Kansas. I was thrilled to have a couple encaustic paintings juried into the art walk. Elsie’s Quilt, 12×12 encaustic collage using vintage quilt block Leo, 12×12 encaustic collage featuring accretion Kansas is in my blood. I dream of windmills, dust storms, and pet deer.


Elsie’s Quilt, 12×12 encaustic collage Elsie’s Quilt was completed about a month ago. I deconstructed a very old quilt block and embedded the pieces in encaustic medium. On top is a vintage embroidery transfer that I burnished onto the piece. The first layer after the board was primed is 70 year old handwritten notes on

Procrastination vs. motivation

I’ve been working (or not) on this sampler quilt for 5 years now. I took a “how to quilt” class in which we machine pieced the blocks and learned to hand quilt. I loved the machine piecing and did several block-of-the-month quilt blocks after this class (although I have not ever completed a quilt). The block-of-the-month