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Summer Soldering Class

This summer I am doing a great deal of growing and planning. My business is unfocused. As many of you know, my heart is really aimed towards creatively worshiping my God, and sharing the creative process with others to facilitate growth and healing, introspection and thoughtfulness. The small income I do receive from my Etsy

Strathmore Visual Journals

Strathmore is introducing a new product which will be released in stores June 1, a line of Visual Journals designed for those of us who love to paint, draw, journal, collage, and otherwise freely express ourselves in journal form. These spiral bound journals are available in 3 sizes and 6 paper selections, so we finicky

Balance again

Balance is a continuous theme in my life. Probably because life is not stagnant. I love change, but always have a difficult time finding the new balance in change. I had a rough summer. My husband was gone for long periods for much of his work. My empathy for single mothers rose significantly. As I balanced