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Intro to Soldering

Making Jewelry Date: August 10, 2013  ****REGISTRATION CLOSED**** Time: 1-5pm Location: Hidden Art Studio, 2926 Campbell St, Kansas City MO 64109 *Examples: your pieces will be unique. Learn the funky art of soldering, and make your own one of a kind jewelry. After receiving instruction, you will be constructing and soldering your own ring and


That describes class yesterday, fabulous. The Soldering Pendants: Skinnies & Baubles class focuses on using sentimental objects or interesting jewelry remnants to build a story and make a grouping of soldered pendants with the remnants. I am enthralled by watching others go through the process, observing the pieces they choose to incorporate, the stories they

Creative vibe

That’s what was going on here yesterday, one good creative vibe. In this class, Intro to Soldering, we touch on micro-collage. Each pendant and ring tells a story about the creator. My favorite part is getting to know more of the students own stories by their art. Some students come with a plan, others are

Retry for better

AEDM Day 28 More encaustic experimentation. The “waxed” paper was once yellowed, aging notebook paper. The heat and wax add that dreamy translucence that I love. The earrings I made the other day did not satisfy. Too heavy. I believe I love the handwriting on this paper better too. So fluid. I’m also working on