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Joy Journal Project Assignment #12

You know what #12 means? A celebration of a year of Joy Journal Project is in order! I am suddenly hungry for cake. And never fear, for those of you that haven’t completed all the assignments, I will be leaving them on my sidebar for you to access. Years ago, I checked out this book


Art Every Day Month – Day 8 This intuitive collage in my Moleskine was actually begun some time ago. The painted background and words “still learning to define healthy boundaries” had been sitting there waiting for me to finish. Today was the perfect day as boundaries become a relevant topic. This past year I have

Manipulation vs. giving

My son was born with an abundantly generous heart. This week we had a wonderful time together. We gave the ultimate gift of time to each other. Yesterday we decided to go back to You Say Tomato so he could have just one more piece of cake. This time I told him he had to