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How Toys Become Real

I was trapped here on Monday during a surprise downpour. Stuck for over an hour on the inner steps like the couple above, I was so thankful to have these essentials in my purse: a pocket-sized version of The Velveteen Rabbit, my handy dandy pocket Moleskine sketchbook, favorite Copic fineline pen, and small tin of Caran


Front: Back: My husband’s Christmas present was also my first piece of art outside of a book. Although I did prepare a canvas, I ended up using the cover of a book instead. The words in ink read Symbiosis: the living together of two dissimlar organisms, such as you and I. The highlighted text on the

Art Every Day #8 – I'll Fly Away

The topic of my hymnal page is deep. The girl behind bars is my sister in Christ. I first met her in my neighborhood about a year ago. She is not only jailed physically right now, she has been imprisoned emotionally and spiritually her whole life. I desire for her to be free. She is