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Public school encaustic series

I haven’t addressed it much lately, but we are a homeschool family. My kids are now high school age. Our choice to homeschool our children is multi-faceted, a couple reasons being to raise up adults that are able to analytically process decisions outside of peer influence, and that are able to think outside of the

Redeeming the time

I’ve been working through the book, The Artist’s Way, these past few weeks. I highly recommend it for growth in any creative area of life. Each week there are new assignments to enable one to strip away the barriers from creative thinking and doing. This week I am practicing “reading deprivation.” I am not reading

Truly Free-Range Chickens

Discussion at the dinner table today: He says, “We need to put a spring on the chicken coop gate. The chickens keep escaping.” She says, “Since they are enclosed, they’re not really free-range chickens.” He says, “They can move around within the pen freely.” She says, “To be truly free, they must be born again.”


The latest Salt challenge is Lent. This was a difficult topic for me since I don’t participate in traditional¬†Lenten practices. Although raised in a church that does recognize the season of Lent, I had to do an internet search to refresh my mind on the purpose and intent of Lent. Lent is a time of