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Repentant Rule Breaker

I’m a rule folllower at heart, but not to the letter. If I can justify that the rule is empty, meaningless, then I break it. Or if I’m lazy…. The presentation I gave at Encausticon this last fall was entitled,¬†Fusing Life Layers. The theme was how to cultivate and cohesively sync our moments of inspiration

Untangling, refocusing

This year I am observing Lent in a more serious manner than usual to the point of giving up a couple habits. This season of preparation is heavy on my mind. After a week of fumbling around, trying to readjust to a life without my normal routine, I feel I am gaining my footing again.


The latest Salt challenge is Lent. This was a difficult topic for me since I don’t participate in traditional¬†Lenten practices. Although raised in a church that does recognize the season of Lent, I had to do an internet search to refresh my mind on the purpose and intent of Lent. Lent is a time of