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Joy Journal Project Assignment #9

The power of appreciation is often overlooked. Over time and life, our brains are typically trained to remember things that make an impact, both good and bad, but learning to dwell on moments of appreciation and gratitude takes intention. The good news is we can retrain our brains to remember stories of appreciation and joy.

Approaching a challenge with gratitude

Just in case you were unaware, tomorrow is the first day of November. And with November is the ever-exciting Art Every Day Month hosted by Leah Piken Kolidas. I’ve participated for the past 5 years and always come away from the challenge with great inspiration and exuberance. This year I am a bit more hesitant

Return to Joy

6×6 each encaustic collage on Encausticbord Available in my Etsy shop. Ever have one of those days? Argh! This tryptich was inspired by a morning of frustration. I had a very busy week meticulously planned and had a wrench thrown in my morning. My immediate response was exasperation and annoyance. I was feeling negative emotion

Joy Journal Project Assignment #1

Hurray! The day has arrived! This project has a wonderful mix of experienced art journalers and those that have never approached journaling in this way. I have laid out detailed instructions, but please take the liberty of altering/adding/subtracting to any portion of this assignment. If any step leaves you with questions, would you let me

I have a message for you

Sammy the soap spitting squirrel says, “I have something I want to share. It can’t be found here, or here, but here.” Yes, I had a joyful weekend playing with wax. And another joyful celebration is going on! My friend, Michelle, is have an awesome shopping spree giveaway to celebrate her new blog. Dear little

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

for the highlights of Artfest 2012. This year I brought a new travel companion, my illustrious dotter. We spent the day of registration wandering the beautiful and charming town of Port Townsend, WA. For some reason, the photos are all food related. I had the best Americano to date here: And this is my favorite

Creative vibe

That’s what was going on here yesterday, one good creative vibe. In this class, Intro to Soldering, we touch on micro-collage. Each pendant and ring tells a story about the creator. My favorite part is getting to know more of the students own stories by their art. Some students come with a plan, others are