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Rock quarry of love

So I hammered rocks this week, beautiful flint rocks from Kansas. And then my fabulous peeps at the Willow Tree transformed the rocks into offerings at the altar of remembrance. The past few weeks, we have been talking about how even when we are apart from each other, our hearts remember, our hearts pray for

Joy Journal Project Assignment #12

You know what #12 means? A celebration of a year of Joy Journal Project is in order! I am suddenly hungry for cake. And never fear, for those of you that haven’t completed all the assignments, I will be leaving them on my sidebar for you to access. Years ago, I checked out this book

Joy Journal Project Assignment #11

Today we begin with a poem, quote, or saying that speaks to your heart about joy and/or appreciation. Take a moment after you gather your supplies to read through your selection. What made you choose these words? What attracts you to their meaning and flow? Allow these questions to float in the back of your

Joy Journal Project Assignment #10

Through the past 10 months, we have worked on remembering stories of appreciation whether they have to do with people, places or times in our lives. We have also touched on quieting our own souls and the importance of that. Today we are going to stretch farther by finding appreciation here and now, in this

Joy Journal Project Assignment #9

The power of appreciation is often overlooked. Over time and life, our brains are typically trained to remember things that make an impact, both good and bad, but learning to dwell on moments of appreciation and gratitude takes intention. The good news is we can retrain our brains to remember stories of appreciation and joy.

Joy Journal Project Assignment #8

Happy New Year all you Joy Journal participants! I can’t wait to see what word you picked for the new year. I’m a bit of a Latin nerd, so I chose the word Vita which means life or way of life. I found this word to be perfectly appropriate after the molasses-pour year I had

Joy Journal Project Assignment #7

Ah December, a tangle of joy, bustling activity, gatherings, stress, over-commitment, surprises, anticipation, traditions, etc. Some approach December with joy and exuberance, yet much of the population struggles with depression during this season due to loss or family strain. And for me personally, the struggle of finding the real meaning of Christmas amid all the rest