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We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming…

for the highlights of Artfest 2012. This year I brought a new travel companion, my illustrious dotter. We spent the day of registration wandering the beautiful and charming town of Port Townsend, WA. For some reason, the photos are all food related. I had the best Americano to date here: And this is my favorite

Art Every Day #8 – I'll Fly Away

The topic of my hymnal page is deep. The girl behind bars is my sister in Christ. I first met her in my neighborhood about a year ago. She is not only jailed physically right now, she has been imprisoned emotionally and spiritually her whole life. I desire for her to be free. She is

Art Every Day #7 – I am a Stranger

Today my art takes on a different form, writing. STRANGER, n. 1. A foreigner; one who belongs to another country. 2. One of another town, city, state or province in the same country. 3. One unknown. 4. One unacquainted. 5. A guest; a visitor. 6. One not admitted to any communication or fellowship. 7. In