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Art journaling

First I was excited about this, my first homeade art journal. Then I was excited about this, my art journaling tribe. We had our kick off Art Journal Monthly class on June 2 and I must say it was inspiring. I love to see how personalities, hopes and hidden treasure come to the surface on everyone’s pages.

Joy Journal Project Assignment #9

The power of appreciation is often overlooked. Over time and life, our brains are typically trained to remember things that make an impact, both good and bad, but learning to dwell on moments of appreciation and gratitude takes intention. The good news is we can retrain our brains to remember stories of appreciation and joy.

Joy Journal Project Assignment #5

Have you ever tried your hand at quilting? Or even just admired the patterns and blocks of quilts? I particularly love vintage quilts made from fabric on-hand. Here’s a favorite of mine found at Vintage Quilt Shop on Flickr. Notice mismatched fabric in some of the blocks. Today we will be approaching our journal page as

Spreading the word: March Art Journal Challenge

Just wanted to encourage you all to join the March Art Journal Challenge hosted by Comfortable Shoes on the Ning network. Here’s what Comfortable Shoes has to say: Each day in March I will post a prompt of some sort in this group. The prompt could be one word, it could be a material, technique


For almost two years, my family has been preparing and serving meals each Friday at VERONICA’s Voice. This past Friday was our last day. God had been leading me to reevaluate our service this summer, and once school began for us, the answer was obvious. It was time to stop. I really have mixed emotions