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Creative Every Day 2010

Leah at Creative Every Day is such an inspiration and encouragement. This will be my third year of participating in her Creative Every Day Challenge. As the name implies, each day I aim to do SOMETHING creative. In all honesty, some days the most creative thing that I do is brush my hair a little

Journal pages & AEDM

Fly: I didn’t add much after all. It just seemed to speak this way. I just added more color to the tree and journaled in pencil. Experimentation and Friendship sermon notes: On these pages, I was experimenting with how markers and water soluble crayons interacted. No wow factor, just learning. The sermon on friendship today

Blackbird Full Circle

Page in my altered hymnal 11/02/07: Beatles song learned by my son on guitar this past couple weeks: [youtube=] Blackbird singing in the dead of night Take these broken wings and learn to fly All your life You were only waiting for this moment to arise. Blackbird singing in the dead of night Take these