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Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious

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Retry for better

AEDM Day 28 More encaustic experimentation. The “waxed” paper was once yellowed, aging notebook paper. The heat and wax add that dreamy translucence that I love. The earrings I made the other day did not satisfy. Too heavy. I believe I love the handwriting on this paper better too. So fluid. I’m also working on

Messages from my subconscious

AEDM Day 9 Last night as my mind floated between awareness and sleep, my imagination was stirred with thoughts of soldered creations. This morning I awoke with it fresh on my mind. That’s an indicator, time to take a short break from wax to play with my soldering iron. I do believe I’ll be dusting

And the winner is….

In celebration of opening up my new Etsy shop, I held a drawing for the Who’s Your Sister Soldered Pendant with Marble Charm. Today my trusty studio assistant drew the name out of his hat. And the winner is…Dena. I will be mailing Dena a lovely little package tomorrow. And thanks to all of you

Summer Soldering Class

This summer I am doing a great deal of growing and planning. My business is unfocused. As many of you know, my heart is really aimed towards creatively worshiping my God, and sharing the creative process with others to facilitate growth and healing, introspection and thoughtfulness. The small income I do receive from my Etsy