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EncaustiCamp Supply List

July is just around the bend. Five more weeks until EncaustiCamp! This year I’ll be teaching Encaustic Encapsulation, a technique I developed combining wax and soldering, as featured in Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch’s latest book, Encaustic Revelation. I’ve had a few questions from students about the supply list, so thought an expanded version might be of

Unity in Purpose

So I have something very important to share with you before I talk about unity. I changed my hair color, again. So for those of you going to Encausticamp that have not met me yet, my hair is blond, not red. Now that I have that off my chest, I have something most wonderful to

Seven Degrees of Connection

7 Degrees of Connection, the whole time I was absorbing the color swatches, I was also pondering that theme. What did it look like? I know what it feels like, the connection, like a vibration of energy or light that we share, like a sending and receiving of satellite signals, but how would that play

Seven Panels

Working with the 7×21 Ampersand Encausticbords made just for this collaborative exhibit turned into an unexpected delight. With the width of only 7 inches, I found it natural to lay them side by side and view them as one unit. The theme of connection became stronger as I would work on a panel individually and

Seven Colors

Last July, after a gloriously exhausting week of staying up too late with all the wonderful people at Encausticamp, the 2015 instructors traipsed to the Home Depot for a little color pickin’. We each chose a color from Glidden’s paint swatch sections; red, blue, yellow, orange, green, violet, and one neutral from either the grey

Seven Degrees

This summer at Encausticamp, the seven instructors will be presenting a collaborative exhibit. Over the next several weeks, each instructor’s offering to this exhibit will be expounded and revealed on Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch’s blog. Michelle Belto began the reveal by not only sharing her own intriguing process, but with glimpses of the beautiful panels she

EncaustiCamp 2013

Well, a month has passed since my return from EncaustiCamp in Seattle, WA, and I still don’t know that I have fully absorbed the experience. Or perhaps I am still coming to terms with the changes within. EncaustiCamp has become a regular catalyst for me. I never know how I will change or in what

Trying to determine the correct trajectory for re-entry

Two full weeks have passed since my return from EncaustiCamp. This year was no less impacting on my creative journey. EncaustiCamp remains a pivot point in my year. Since then I have been trying to wrap my head around the next steps I take on this journey called life, hence the lack of internet presence.

EncaustiCamp 2012

EncaustiCamp was an amazing repeat of last year’s event. This year I added a few extra days to my trip to soak in the beauty of  Oregon. One of my first stops was at Stumptown to liven my flight weary brain.  I was introduced to Stumptown coffee in Port Townsend, WA at the Undertown and am