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The saga of bad hair, growth & openness

I picked the correct theme word for this year, Unsafe. Combine that with my church‘s theme word, Grow, and stir the pot. Although I’ve been relatively silent in the cyber world, my life has been moving and shaking. Here’s the 2010 checklist for my theme word, Unsafe: be bold put my heart on the table

Good Books, Peaceful Moments

From Art Journal I’ve been relaxing and enjoying free time, time to pause, moments and glimmers of slow breathing peacefulness. Here’s some great books I’ve been absorbing: The Widening Stream: The Seven Stage of Creativity by David Ulrich. I must thank Leah for intriguing my interest. What It Is by Lynda Barry. Wow. 1,000 Artist Journal

Balance again

Balance is a continuous theme in my life. Probably because life is not stagnant. I love change, but always have a difficult time finding the new balance in change. I had a rough summer. My husband was gone for long periods for much of his work. My empathy for single mothers rose significantly. As I balanced

Settling in

I’m used to addressing school issues at some point throughout the day. Now on day 2 of summer vacation, I am quickly settling in to meandering. I did force myself to go to the YMCA to sweat, and actually had some creative freedom in the Turbo Kick class. Our teacher encourages us to just let

They Touched My Heart

My sweet family gave me such touching gifts for Mother’s Day, I just had to share. From my daughter, a beautiful letter in Latin, and a soldered ring with my favorite dog’s name, Daisy: From my son, a special coupon that will keep giving throughout the year. MRSs are My son’s Room Service: From my

the Right Side of My Brain

I’ve desired to know how to draw for years. After several tries with “learn to draw or sketch” books with instructions and suggestions, I’ve finally decided that The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain was worth the time investment it would take to read. It is more than a “learn to draw”

Redeeming the time

I’ve been working through the book, The Artist’s Way, these past few weeks. I highly recommend it for growth in any creative area of life. Each week there are new assignments to enable one to strip away the barriers from creative thinking and doing. This week I am practicing “reading deprivation.” I am not reading

Forming Good Habits

The Purge Stuff Challenge ends tomorrow. I am happy to say that a good habit has been formed. Each day I search for something to purge, and seems like there is an endless source. The basement should keep me busy for quite awhile. Purging has become a good thing, rather than a dreaded chore. It’s