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Label Maker

What labels do you wear? Which labels do you identify with? Which have you labeled yourself? And which labels have others given you? Some of mine: artist entrepreneur accountant follower of Christ homeschool mom paper lover that woman who keeps changing her hair color This August, I joined Jan Avallena in her Shine Bright E-Course.

Strathmore Visual Journals

Strathmore is introducing a new product which will be released in stores June 1, a line of Visual Journals designed for those of us who love to paint, draw, journal, collage, and otherwise freely express ourselves in journal form. These spiral bound journals are available in 3 sizes and 6 paper selections, so we finicky

Why do I do it?

I was wondering this question, why do I do it?, earlier this week. The “it” would be teaching classes from my home, but the pondering grew even larger to art in general. Wouldn’t my life just be easier if I just covered the basics of partnering in my husband’s business and homeschooling those teens of