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Make your plans for summer now!

In case you need to ask off for vacation or the like, I wanted to be sure to invite you today, right now! Join me at Art Unraveled in Phoenix AZ this summer. I’ll be teaching two of my very favorite things, how to make my waxy soldered jewelry in Encaustic Encapsulation and how to

EncaustiCamp 2013

Well, a month has passed since my return from EncaustiCamp in Seattle, WA, and I still don’t know that I have fully absorbed the experience. Or perhaps I am still coming to terms with the changes within. EncaustiCamp has become a regular catalyst for me. I never know how I will change or in what

Inhaling spring

Glorious spring! I love the blooms, the smells, oh the intoxicating smell of blooms. The colors and texture and new life, so vibrant, so exhilarating. Spring has also had the strangest effect on me. I can’t quit folding paper. Cranes, louts blooms, boats, keep popping up. I suppose that is nothing less than wonderful. And

July = Encaustic celebration!

Public School #3 To kick off July in proper encaustic fashion, I will be expanding my Public School series, and experimenting with new techniques before heading to Encausticamp!! Less than two weeks from now, I will be fully immersed in encaustic heaven in beautiful Salem, Oregon. Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, author of Encaustic Workshop and soon

Hungry for more soldering

Another class conquered “Intro to Soldering: Making Jewelry”. What a blast! Soldering is so fascinating. The way it moves and flows, solder really has a life of its own. Occasionally coaxing it with kind words can persuade, but really, solder flows best when the hand and mind are relaxed. I love teaching classes because I

Summer Soldering Class

This summer I am doing a great deal of growing and planning. My business is unfocused. As many of you know, my heart is really aimed towards creatively worshiping my God, and sharing the creative process with others to facilitate growth and healing, introspection and thoughtfulness. The small income I do receive from my Etsy

Why do I do it?

I was wondering this question, why do I do it?, earlier this week. The “it” would be teaching classes from my home, but the pondering grew even larger to art in general. Wouldn’t my life just be easier if I just covered the basics of partnering in my husband’s business and homeschooling those teens of