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Soldering on the fly

We have a couple friends that are avid fly fishermen. They make their own flies! One is a musician, one a watercolor artist, both share the same profession as my husband, Scott. So Scott noticed all the funky things I was adding to my waxy soldered pendants and went directly to their studio. While they

Christmas origami

This year an Artfest friend invited me to participate in a handmade Christmas ornament exchange. On first thought, a soldered ornament charm came to mind, but by the time I began the ornaments, another plan developed: Foil Origami Christmas Stars adorned with glitter. The inspiration came from a venture to my local art store combined


Front: Back: My husband’s Christmas present was also my first piece of art outside of a book. Although I did prepare a canvas, I ended up using the cover of a book instead. The words in ink read Symbiosis: the living together of two dissimlar organisms, such as you and I. The highlighted text on the

Art Every Day #10 – Origami Star Garland

  I apologize for the busy background. This garland is a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law. The origami papers have varying Asian designs. The garland is strung on strong quilting thread. The stars are held in place with sticky-tack concealed inside the point, so they can be adjusted according to the recipient’s desires. She can even