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Paper Stacks, an online collaboration

Seth Apter at The Altered Page is hosting Paper Stacks, an online collaboration. How apropo, because paper stacks, I’ve got ’em. I love the touch, the smell, the feel. Earlier in my life, I called my love for paper, “work.” Every accountant has stacks of paper, right? But now, I just have to be honest

Good Books, Peaceful Moments

From Art Journal I’ve been relaxing and enjoying free time, time to pause, moments and glimmers of slow breathing peacefulness. Here’s some great books I’ve been absorbing: The Widening Stream: The Seven Stage of Creativity by David Ulrich. I must thank Leah for intriguing my interest. What It Is by Lynda Barry. Wow. 1,000 Artist Journal

Demons transformed

Yes, I read a stack of books at a time. I just got done with One Hundred Demons by Lynda Barry. What an excellent book. I was inspired. At the end of the book Lynda challenges the reader to draw their own demons. Although it was not intentional, while I was working on my art