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When its cold, I do fold

My studio proper is a bit chilly in this below freezing weather. I find it a great excuse to spend my time folding tessellations in the warmer zones of our work/live space. The initial step in creating tessellations from paper is to fold a bazillion little creases all over the paper. Then crumple the paper up

Seven Panels

Working with the 7×21 Ampersand Encausticbords made just for this collaborative exhibit turned into an unexpected delight. With the width of only 7 inches, I found it natural to lay them side by side and view them as one unit. The theme of connection became stronger as I would work on a panel individually and

Bad day = Good day

Doing some major experimentation in the studio today. Everything is seemingly going wrong which can only mean I’m on the cusp. I love the bad days as much as the good. These bad days often produce some of my best work, if not directly, indirectly. Lately, I’ve been kind of in love with making ugly, ugly

Listening, hearing

AEDM Day 11 Bands were lined up at The Record Bar this evening. First up, Rue Royale. Two people with a full orchestra of music. I was so enthralled, I forgot that I had brought a journal in my pocket to record the evening. Beautiful synchronization. Second band, Oriole Post, also beautiful. Blue grass roots. The

Hungry for more soldering

Another class conquered “Intro to Soldering: Making Jewelry”. What a blast! Soldering is so fascinating. The way it moves and flows, solder really has a life of its own. Occasionally coaxing it with kind words can persuade, but really, solder flows best when the hand and mind are relaxed. I love teaching classes because I

The saga of bad hair, growth & openness

I picked the correct theme word for this year, Unsafe. Combine that with my church‘s theme word, Grow, and stir the pot. Although I’ve been relatively silent in the cyber world, my life has been moving and shaking. Here’s the 2010 checklist for my theme word, Unsafe: be bold put my heart on the table