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Journal pages & AEDM

Fly: I didn’t add much after all. It just seemed to speak this way. I just added more color to the tree and journaled in pencil. Experimentation and Friendship sermon notes: On these pages, I was experimenting with how markers and water soluble crayons interacted. No wow factor, just learning. The sermon on friendship today

My Mom the Artist

My mom and dad visited last week. Mom and I had fun as she designed some jewelry pieces for gifts, and I soldered for her. I love how they turned out. Front: Back: Friendship Ring: Front: Back: This was her first time creating charms. I think she did such a wonderful job. Her recipients are

Art Every Day #26 – Mustard & Cereal

Thank you all for the encouragement. I’m feeling great again. The vitamins really did the trick. I’m also watching that I get enough rest, excercise, and nourishing foods. Today my creativity was excercised in the kitchen. I made some delicious hot mustard. The recipe from the Nourishing Traditions cookbook is my favorite. It calls for 4

Art Every Day #12 – Doodle & Lyrics

This is a doodle that I started yesterday in church. Today I was exhausted, so adding to it was all I could muster. There are two separate song lyrics going on. One is quite obvious, the old hymn, Fairest Lord Jesus. It is such a flowing song, I was surprised at all the exclamation points

Art Every Day #11 – Here Am I, Send Me.

I’ve had an idea for this page for over a year now. It feels good to finally get it out. After I started working on the page, I reread the text it is based on. Mental note, always refresh my memory before beginning. I had forgotten that seraphims are male and have 6 wings. Isaiah 6:1-8

Art Every Day #10 – Origami Star Garland

  I apologize for the busy background. This garland is a Christmas gift for my sister-in-law. The origami papers have varying Asian designs. The garland is strung on strong quilting thread. The stars are held in place with sticky-tack concealed inside the point, so they can be adjusted according to the recipient’s desires. She can even