Amanda Jolley

Reflection on pattern and abstraction of the subconscious

Tag: Altered Book

Favorite Supplies

My favorite type of artistic expression is done in altered books or art journals. I move to a canvas on occasion, but have always loved the feel of books and journals and am always drawn back. I also feel very comfortable writing words on my art in a book. Words to me are an important and

Art Every Day #11 – Here Am I, Send Me.

I’ve had an idea for this page for over a year now. It feels good to finally get it out. After I started working on the page, I reread the text it is based on. Mental note, always refresh my memory before beginning. I had forgotten that seraphims are male and have 6 wings. Isaiah 6:1-8

Art Every Day #8 – I'll Fly Away

The topic of my hymnal page is deep. The girl behind bars is my sister in Christ. I first met her in my neighborhood about a year ago. She is not only jailed physically right now, she has been imprisoned emotionally and spiritually her whole life. I desire for her to be free. She is