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My husband’s Christmas present was also my first piece of art outside of a book. Although I did prepare a canvas, I ended up using the cover of a book instead. The words in ink read Symbiosis: the living together of two dissimlar organisms, such as you and I. The highlighted text on the page reads “She sees to it that the meaning of each word is clear.” And the picture is of a tree with fungus and moss = symbiosis. The yellow sure is more brilliant in the scan than the actual piece, but art never looks quite the same online as in person.

Our Christmas was lovely and meaningful. I never did get our home decorated, but did enjoy the seasonal decorations at my parents’ and brother’s homes. We were so blessed to celebrate Christmas with my parents and both my brothers and their families. The highlight was hearing my niece sing a beautiful solo at the Christmas Eve Service, and watching my brother’s glowing face as she sang. Yes, I cried.

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