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My birthday was Sunday. I turned 45. My husband (who was out of town!) and daughter (the chef) had a plan up their collective sleeve.

Off to church I went that morning expecting my daughter and friends aka the breakfast club to arrive shortly after. They were a no show, but this didn’t really surprise me as they occasionally break out in an impromptu jam session instead of making it to church. I certainly wasn’t expecting this when I got home.

Video awesomely edited by Sean Brown. Thank you, Flying Circus, for this gift.

A place in my heart that I didn’t even know existed was healed that day, the place that made me believe that I might not be worth celebrating, not like this anyway. But I was…and I am.

So many of my dear ones were present. The food was as amazing as it looks. And my heart, it swelled so large that day, so filled by the love that was offered. The day was pure joy.


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