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“This summer will be different,” she says, like she says at the beginning of every adult summer she’s ever lived. “I’m going to relax and not do a thing.” Then she gets out her planner and looks at the lovely blank pages, and begins to fill them in. “Hmm, I’ve got to squeeze in a trip to the homestead and the in-laws. I’ve also got to set aside time for that class I want to take. Oh, and let’s not forget our family vacation.” By the time she finished planning, the blank pages that represented her time of leisure were reduced to 3 days. This reality made her stop and reflect. Her view changed. She realized that at each moment she had the ability to live FREELY. From that time forward, her planner no longer dictated what time she could relax and pause. She began to Enjoy Each Moment.

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4 Comments on “Summer”

  1. Hi Amanda,
    I can’t remember how I first stumbled onto your blog–somehow linking through homeschool blogs. Anyway, I love to see your art projects. I’m not an artist, but seeing your art makes me wish I could be.

    We are on summer break from home school, but we are working on art in the afternoons.

    Thanks for inspiring me and teaching me how to express even every day sort of feelings (like summer schedules) in such a beautiful way.

    -Mrs. Edwards of Veritas at Home

  2. Wow, this is good!

    I still have enough empty (summer) pages, Amanda! There really isn’t much I could do in terms of planning anyway. Lol. Just waiting for this sweet baby to come out!

    Just enjoying the moment

  3. I got such a kick out of your use of Flavor-Ice. And, your message to slow down ~ I don’t know if I can really slow down much, but I do plan to try and enjoy the busy-ness.

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