Summer Shift

Morning laundry load blowing in the breeze, the constant sheen on my face, meals cooked on the grill, yes, summer is here.
(Don’t you love the clothespin bag? Thank you, MaryZoom, for such a gorgeous, functional bag. It brings delight to my laundry routine.)

We don’t run our air conditioner unless it is really hot. Acclimating to the heat allows us to embrace our yard as part of our living quarters. Winter is very hard on me. I get so cold and don’t want to venture outside much, so when it warms up even a little, our living space quadruples. This includes the kitchen as the gas grill has become our oven. We have learned to use it quite successfully for all our baking needs. A good heavy cast iron skillet or dutch oven works the best since the heat can be intense. The cast iron evenly distributes the heat and has kept many a dinner from burning.

The front porch swing is so inviting to sit and visit with my family. A sweet breeze always seems to be blowing through. This swing was built by my husband’s great-grandfather. I am so grateful to be able to use this cherished swing.

Living the “green” life before green was politically correct, I love the earth because I view it as a gift from my Father, a gift to be treated with care. This is why I personally choose to not to spray my yard with chemicals. (Tonight as I type, a breeze fills my nostrils with the stench of RoundUp. My neighbor cares for his property differently. I’m hoping tomorrow the smell of chemicals will be gone.) This is also why I try to slow down and embrace the earth, air, plant & animal life. I learn so much about God, myself, relationships, true beauty by pulling weeds, by hanging the laundry on the line, by opening my windows to the bird song, and strangely enough, by not freaking out when I sweat.

Been giving the Strathmore Visual Journal a test run. The one I’ve chosen to begin with is the 5.5X8in, 140lb. watercolor journal. This will be my first shot working in a spiral-bound journal. I’ve heard that many people prefer the spiral bound because it can lay open flat. I will not proclaim a favorite binding as of yet, but am finding the spiral to be getting in my way. I will form my opinion from more than a couple pages though.The watercolor paper is working nicely for both watercolor and acrylic paints. Next test will be collage.

I’ve never used a journal so large as the 9X12in, but am excited to begin using this as my Creative Entrepreneur journal. Yes, my book arrived in the mail, and I’m diving in. Love it so far. It has my mind whirring.

amanda ∞

4 thoughts on “Summer Shift

  1. Andria says:

    Is that a frittata you’ve made on the grill? Whatever it is, it looks delicious!
    I’ve been wanting to make more use of my “outdoor living quarters”, but I don’t know where to start. I’d love a place for my family to eat and hang out in the backyard, and I also want to have a little writing space for me for when I want to write early in the morning (my favorite time to be outside in the summer). I’d love to see more of what your outdoor space looks like.

    Oh, and I love the pic of your whites on the line. Lovely, lovely.

  2. Julie Gates says:

    Hi Amanda….enjoyed your post. I love hanging my clothes out too. Its so healthy to be outside and embrace the warmth of summer.

  3. Rachel says:

    Aaah…Summer. I really thought I handled this past Winter well scheduling activities for the kids and maintaining perspective, ie, “I will choose to enjoy this cold season!.” When the sun and heat arrived, however, I realized I will never truly be able to embrace weather that keeps me cooped up indoors. Jesse has officially dubbed me an outdoor woman – yes, one of the highest compliments in our home! Enjoy, enjoy.

  4. keri says:

    I like your journal page < Awake Oh you Sleeper
    I have the same prayer written in my journal. Love knowing there are others like me.
    Love that Sons and Daughters song! Thanks for sharing!

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