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Summer Self Portrait = Meanderings While Sweating

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I sit in the heat of summer with my familiar perspiration making my face glow. (If only the models would realize that sexy shine comes from SWEAT.) The windows are open this evening, fans pushing air through the house. I have come to love the heat of summer permeating the air of my home. I choose open windows over air conditioning. What began as stubbornness a few years ago has become my preference. I was tired of giving my money to the electric company as their rates continued to rise. Now I am thankful.

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Each day this summer I awaken and run a load of laundry through the washer. Then I retreat to my art studio with espresso in hand. My Bible opens and I soak in God’s amazing and living Word. I feel it penetrate to that inner chamber, that same chamber that was once sealed shut. Now the doors are flung open hungry for more truth, more love, more life. And I am ready for this day ~ whether gladness or suffering comes my way, my foundation is beneath my feet.

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The temperature rises, the laundry flaps and snaps on the line. Through the open windows I can hear the birds, the loud song of the cicada, the poetry of the cottonwood. When I step outside I am not struck by a wave of heat. The warmth of summer has already permeated my home and my bones. The out of doors beckons me. I no longer dread what summer has to offer, but embrace it. As I wash dishes the sweat runs off my head dripping as the steam rises from water. As I pull weeds, the sweat rolls down my chest. Dirt is in my fingernails. Ice cream is prepared, mosquitoes slapped. It is hot. It is summer.

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13 Comments on “Summer Self Portrait = Meanderings While Sweating”

  1. My, aren’t you the stalwart one? I had to pop over to the accuweather to see what your days are like. I’ve not yet become as brave as you … for now we’re still enduring the Texas summers in the comfortable a/c. I am inspired though … someday perhaps. You are beautiful!! 😉

  2. after 4.5 yrs living in a country that has no a/c or even swamp coolers, and that doesn’t understand our love of fans, AT LEAST FANS!, we are now used to no a/c as well. of course on our recent trip to va. beach we did use it because we havnt been in 95 degree weather for quite awhile. 🙂

  3. Hi Amanda! I am in the round robin that Sheri coordinated. I just wanted to say hi to you. Stop by my blog some time if you wish. Take care!

  4. You’re so good to leave the A/C off! We hold off until the little ones’ start to get a bit lethargic and their cheeks are red! A/C relief ensues. We have enjoyed the past few days of open windows with this cooler weather, though.

  5. The ironic thing is that right after I wrote this, the weather turned very cool. No more sweating. If I lived in your neck of the woods, I don’t think I could stand the heat. 🙂


  6. Hi Amanda,
    I thought I’d stop by and see what you are up to. It is so very hot here in British Columbia too. We live in a log house though so it is naturally cool, no fans, no a/c.

    I love your post, I felt like I was right there with you. Inspiring!

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