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Summer Class Schedule

Hurray! The class schedule for this summer is complete! Drum roll please….

Skinnies and Baubles class sample

But something I am even more excited about is the Joy Journal Project. Over a year ago, visions of this offering danced in my head. And it took me the whole year to plan, wrestle, and find balance within the dream. Now I am thrilled to be offering a regular meeting place, both in my studio and online, to explore the Art of Appreciation in art journal form. This offering is for everyone, even those who feel they have no creative bones in their bodies. We will be meeting monthly beginning in June. With the online offering, even if you can’t make it in person, you can participate.

And I invite you to sign up for my monthly mailing to be in the know for all upcoming classes and events. Check it out over there on the sidebar ===>>

3 Comments on “Summer Class Schedule”

  1. so excited for all the classes and especially can’t wait for the joy journal! starting now…first topic… music! thank you for the inspiration! j

  2. Oh Amanda, you have been so busy. Your classes, your art, your adventures and to top it all it IS spring. Congratulations on all this beauty and inspiration.

  3. YAY! amanda i signed up for your joy journal if it is okay with you i would love to add a link to this post for my readers, some of them might want in on this cool journaling adventure.

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