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Sometimes my food is my art

Art Every Day Month – Day 6
Pasta Puttanesca
Pasta Puttanesca, made with 14 cloves of garlic, anchovies, and kalamata olives, topped with some yummy chunks of fresh garlic goat cheese, and my breath is crazy bad tonight.

My daughter and I had a lovely afternoon shopping at art supply stores. We were searching for a Japanese screw punch. Although we were unsuccessful finding the punch, I did find that Creative Coldsnow is now carrying (like just now) R&F Paints encaustics,  pigment sticks, and supplies! Happy, joy! I don’t have to order them online. I can pick the colors I want by sight. Squeal.

We also picked up my daughter-the-potter’s tiger cub from Red Star Studios. She hand built this in her room this summer and had dropped it off to be fired a couple weeks ago.
Madeline's tiger cub
Next step is underglaze. And yes, that is the tail beside the cub. It will be attached at the end of the process.

And I noticed today that there has been an unexpected explosion on my desk. An innocent looking fruit from the sweet gum tree has taught me it’s secret. It is like a little spiked piñata, but didn’t even need a whack to share it’s surprise from within. I picked this sweet gum ball from a tree just a couple days ago thinking it would be lovely to sketch.
Sweet gum tree fruit

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