Some times it’s heavy

This has been a tough go. I feel I am watching the world implode with our current governing system.

My heart has been aching for all of those on the cusp of losing support.
 My heart also aches for the dualistic approach to very grey issues. I cannot choose a side of right or wrong when I know that each instance is unique. I am not nor will ever be the judge.

But I can love. In my angst and heart break, I love.

The hardest part is loving my enemy. I persevere.

4 thoughts on “Some times it’s heavy

  1. Sherri Morris says:

    You expressed it so beautifully. My sentiments exactly expressed with grace and wax! (Two of my favorite things!!)


  2. sandi says:

    I love you, Amanda! Please know you are not alone in all these feelings. Miss you and would love a phone chat if you were up to it, just because hearing your voice would be the best part of my day! 🙂

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