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Soldering on the fly

We have a couple friends that are avid fly fishermen. They make their own flies! One is a musician, one a watercolor artist, both share the same profession as my husband, Scott. So Scott noticed all the funky things I was adding to my waxy soldered pendants and went directly to their studio. While they aren’t busy producing videos, they are making their flies. The trend of feathers in the hair has made it more difficult to find these perfect fly fishing feathers. Even so, these generous guys shared some of their feathers with Scott so I could experiment with something new.


My first experiment is a feather dipped in encaustic medium (beeswax and damar resin). Next will be a dry feather and wax encased in glass.

November is such a challenge for me, blogging (almost) daily about my creative venture for Art Every Day Month. I always grow and love the push. Yet, when December rolls in, I deflate in blogland. My time and attention turn to:

  • Christmas parties!! I love them. So much fun to see everyone outside of a work environment.
  • This year, my daughter turned 18. The party has been going on all month.
  • Semester end for homeschooling. I get the whip out at this point because I want vacation.
  • Oh yeah, our Christmas card takes about all month to get done and out the door.
  • Finishing up commissions for the Christmas season.

Psalm 119:65

I may not have a moment to shout out before Christmas, so I wish you all a beautiful, meaningful holiday season. Relationships first and peace in the center of your soul.

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  1. Love the feather, I found it compelling and kept finding myself looking at it. Great photo of it too. Hope you are doing well and glad to see all the really great work you’ve been up to; keep it up. In the meantime hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you, as I know you will, ring in the New Year with style.

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