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Soldering candy

My Intro to Soldering: Making Jewelry class is this Saturday. In preparation, I decided to load up on marbles to give my students a good selection. The pickings were getting a bit slim.
My favorite marble store, Moon Marble, had treasures awaiting unbeknownst to me. I prefer to call these handmade glass gems “Soldering Candy.”
Soldering candy Delectable, they are. They will be beautiful as stand alone pendants, but a few of them will be pieced together with some smaller colored glass gems and some yummy chain I found in Port Townsend, WA. I can’t wait to show you all the finished pieces.

But that’s not all. To top off my extremely inspiring shopping experience, I found mustaches! What joy!
Mustache-a-day Artist Facial Hair
Now which to wear first.


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