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Solder fever

Although I’ve been soldering for several years now, my love for the craft has been re-ignited. Sally Jean, the soldering queen, offered an online soldering workshop this winter. The workshop was created for beginners, but I could not pass on this chance to see Sally Jean share her techniques with my own two eyes. Well worth the expense, I walked away with several tips which have expanded the ease and joy of soldering for me.

Best tip for me: use 3/32″ window glass.

Beetle Bits Mini glass cutting system

I have been cutting my own glass for some time, but had been using the thinnest glass I could find at a stained glass shop. Not only is the window glass cheaper by at least half, but it is also much easier to solder. The thicker edge leaves a nice thick platform for the solder.

Next best: jump ring short cuts

By laying the charm on a wet sponge, the charm is very stable. No wobble. This allows my hands to be free to maneuver and attach the jump ring with ease. No more weird scrunched-up face or tongue sticking out as I hope to make it work this time. Now I will be much more photogenic when I solder. What a bonus!

Before: After:

This past year I closed my Etsy shop. Going through a massive growth and planning period, I was unable to maintain the shop or add new jewelry. After this break, I am very excited to be building up a fresh inventory. Close to ready, I’ll be announcing the grand opening of my new shop by the end of this week. With this announcement will also come a giveaway of a soldered charm with┬ámy original artwork. Stay tuned…

Solder station

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the window glass. I’ve not had the courage to try that on my own. Maybe I’ll try it soon.

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