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Snowed in

My husband told me I shouldn’t drive to church today. 🙁 He left early in our 4-wheel drive vehicle to help with the worship band and slid much of the way there. Although the snow is not that thick yet, it rained first, and then froze before it snowed. Underneath the gentle, lovely blanket of white is ice.

I absolutely love going to church. Not only are the sermons incredible, but my Christian family is there. My week does not feel complete without church. I am very grateful that I can watch the sermon here. At least I won’t miss out on the message, but it is not like being there.

While you are feeling sorry for me, please go check out this incredible quilt, Encendiemento, by Margret Darrah. Wow, I was blown away by its message and beauty.

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  1. That picture is amazing!

    I feel the same way if we don’t make it to church. It’s like something is just missing. It is always so much better when we do go.

    That’s so sweet that your hubby looks out for you like that though!!

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