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Slowing, slower

AEDM Day 20

I swear I was listening, even taking notes, but during the sermon yesterday, I had an idea. I didn’t want it to escape.

Then I went home and melted onto the couch. I think that 13 weeks straight of home education has worn me out. I’m thankful for a break thisĀ  week.

AEDM Day 21

Scripture pendants

This evening, a few more pendants. Tomorrow is Etsy day for me. My very hunky photographer and I will be working together to get the pendants listed.


5 Comments on “Slowing, slower”

  1. Amanda,
    I love, love, love these pendants! What a great way to preserve an old Bible.

    I lost your blog for a while… have to learn to bookmark!

  2. Amanda, this is absolutely awesome. The power of God’s Word is conveyed strongly and I love it.

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