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Sitting at Orly’s table

How fortunate I was

to sit with my two dear friends, Wendy and Madeline

at the table of Orly Avineri.

The constant me was evident on the page.

After a morning of painting, pasting and focusing,

our minds were revived by the amazing meal that Orly prepared.

Every bit of the day was creative.

And then we laid out our hearts for one another with no judgment, no criticism, but with pure acceptance and beauty.

I am so grateful to have gleaned from Orly’s wisdom,

and thank her for shifting her schedule to accommodate her foreigner visitors.

Orly recently published her first book. It is brimming with inspiration. Go there and get that. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. I’m back from New Jersey where I took a class with Orly Avineri at ‘Create’. It was awesome! I recognize the baskets filled with paper scraps and the drippage technique to make grids!

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