Silly Art

At Veronica’s Voice, the art has been silly lately. I’ve been utilizing Carla Sonheim‘s Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists to start weekly group time. These exercises allow the group to relax, to process emotion, to become more relational. I’ve seen tension wash away, replaced with laughter, and the silly art cannot but help everyone smile.

Wrong-Handed Portraits:

I apologize, but was asked to remove the portraits for client confidentiality purposes. There was a chance that someone out there might have recognized one of the clients from these detailed drawings. The portrait of myself drawn by a client was allowed to remain, so here I am:

Wrong handed portrait

These portraits were created using the non-dominant hand.

One of the greatest challenges I’ve noticed is a person entering a project or exercise with the belief that she is not creative, doesn’t know how to draw, paint, etc. Drawing Lab is a perfect book of exercises to diminish that inner critic. The outcome is often whimsical and ultimately silly, so it is more difficult to “judge.”

I’ve only been allotting 15 minutes to complete the exercises, so I don’t overload anyone’s brain. This is not a group of people gathering to create art together, but rather to receive guidance, support, and healing from trauma. This brief 15 minutes seems to be a good way to engage the right brain without overwhelming those with little capacity.

Carla Sonheim, the author, has an excellent online workshop, The Art of Silliness. 30 days of Carla infusion for only $25. Check it out! Her next session begins May 4.

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