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Elsie’s Quilt, 12×12 encaustic collage
Elsie's Quilt
Elsie’s Quilt was completed about a month ago. I deconstructed a very old quilt block and embedded the pieces in encaustic medium. On top is a vintage embroidery transfer that I burnished onto the piece. The first layer after the board was primed is 70 year old handwritten notes on college rule notebook paper. If one looks very hard, a word or two is detectable between the quilt pieces. I was hoping the handwriting would make more of a show, but the quilt is embedded with at least 15 layers of wax.

While taking apart the quilt block, I was surprised to find that most of the stitching was by hand, but some machine as well. This quilt block had been attached to others to make a quilt top, but had never actually been quilted. My grandmother-in-law had begun taking it apart some years ago to make doll blankets for her great-granddaughters. With few intact pieces remaining, I felt no loss in tearing apart another artist’s work. The old fabric gave way with a sigh of relief.

I’ve been sighing lately as well, with longing. I miss my studio. We, a homeschooling family, started our routine again last week. Homeschooling can be quite challenging. I have both love and hate it at times, but am ever thankful for the out-of-the-box thinking skills it has afforded our whole family, along with the cohesiveness it nurtures. What is imperative to a successful year in schooling is my ability to retreat to the studio to reset my brain on a regular basis. I’m hoping by next week to have our schedule tweaked so that studio time is back to a daily routine.

My daughter is a senior this year. She is an artist and musician as well. We will be celebrating her final year of homeschooling by attending Artfest together next spring. We sent in our registration and will be waiting for our final results on workshops as Teesha spends the next month diligently going over hundreds of registration forms. Anticipation…

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  1. Amanda, the quilt block is beautiful!! We have started school as well but even before that, life has interrupted any time remotely looking like making time. I walk past my create area and sigh as well. Trying to embrace the season that I am in with a 3rd & 4th grader. Can’t believe your daughter is a senior, seems like just yesterday I remember her turning 13. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous piece!

    I know how you feel about missing the time in the studio. With teaching and my own homework and the kids’ homework, I don’t know when I’ll get back in mine. I hope you’ll find time soon.

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